Hey, I’m Geanne (Oii!)

But you can call me Gí, a Brazilian girl with a camera & a big heart. I’m currently living in Florence Italy(witch I never get used to live because is such a fabolous city) and I`m a full-time dreamer, wife and photographer. If you ask me why I do what I do, I tell you that photography for me is strong like a dream, is a certainty that I always had and that has been gaining real clothes since my youth. More than six years on the market, two continents and many incredible stories told. My style carries values, strong tones, smiles, touches, unforgettable placesvand the most important..your storie of love. If you want to know me better, please leave me a message and let’s get to know each other.



You can expect nothing less than to enjoy it. it will be a special moment in which you and your partner will enjoy lots of hugs and kisses, it’s like a walk in the park in the late afternoon, you forget you’re being photographed and just enjoy it. If you are more shy, you can relax that I take care to direct in the best way so that you enjoy the moment without tension.

your way

Don’t even think about a cake recipe, no photo shoot or wedding is the same. I try to prioritize knowing your history and understand the unique and authentic details of each one to be able to express it through the photos. You can choose where we will photograph and create a moment of your own together.


There is nothing better than having professionals who understand you and who can even become your friends. I believe that the more we know the more chances to trust, and make no mistake, you will want to have more than one professional photographer by your side during your big day. Connection is the key, and I believe we can create this together. Tell me more about you and your dreams!

You cannot create experience. You have to go through it.